Ashwagandha is an herb that grows as a compact, dark green shrub. It is native to India, Asia, and parts of Africa. Today, it is commercially grown in the US, especially California. The plant’s botanical name is Withania somnifera.

Man has used this herb for over 3000 years. It is a culinary herb that imparts a fresh, slightly pungent flavor to food. People have also used it to make sachets that purify the air. It is most important, however, as a central herb in Ayurveda, the ancient healing practice of India.

An Ancient Remedy

Ayurvedic practitioners know the herb as a powerful adaptogen, a compound that helps your body adapt to stress and heal itself. They routinely prescribe it as a testosterone booster, immune system booster, and treatment for adrenal fatigue. Today, modern research has confirmed the effectiveness of Withania somnifera to treat these conditions and others.

Similar-Sounding Herbs

Don’t confuse ashwagandha with Physalis alkekengi. Both are sometimes known as Winter Cherry. Some people refer to ashwagandha as “Indian ginseng.” While ashwagandha shares some characteristics with ginseng, the two are different plants.

Ashwagandha Root Benefits

Should you consider taking ashwagandha supplements? Doing so can be a valuable, all-natural way to help your body cope with several disorders. When you buy ashwagandha, you can buy extracts that contain the whole herb or those that use the ashwagandha root, which is the most potent part of the plant.

What you can gain from adding this therapeutic herb to your life. Here are a few ashwagandha extract and ashwagandha root benefits:

Reduce Blood Sugar

Studies have confirmed that Withania somnifera can help people with diabetes lower their blood glucose levels and improve glucose uptake. It even helped people without the disease lower their blood sugar. Best of all, people could take the supplements with no adverse effects.

Boost Memory and Brain Function

In one study, healthy men who took ashwagandha supplements daily had significant improvements in their cognitive ability and mental focus. They improved in task performance and psychomotor coordination when tested on a number of tasks.

Reduce Stress

A 2008 study concluded that the daily use of ashwagandha was effective for stress relief. Users showed significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and reduced anxiety. They also improved their fasting glucose levels and blood pressure levels.

Weight Management and Nutrition

Ashwagandha is an energy booster that makes weight management more effortless. It helps your body detox from harmful chemicals in your food. Because it can regulate blood sugar and reduce your cortisol levels, it can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Enhance Reproductive Health

Stress can throw your hormones off balance. Taking ashwagandha can lower your body’s hormonal swings and get your hormones in alignment. This reduces stress, improves your reproductive health, and regulates your mood.
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What Makes Ashwagandha Work?

The primary compounds that make ashwagandha work on the body are alkaloids, steroidal lactones, saponins, and withanolides. Withanolides are primarily in the ashwagandha root. There is ample evidence that these compounds fight inflammation, boost the immune system, and fight tumor growth. In 2016, researchers found withanolides could help destroy some malignant tumors.

A 2015 study concluded withanolides could help people manage stress-related disorders and neurological problems. As the researchers wrote, “Our results provide evidence showing that key constituents in Withania somnifera may have an important role in the development of pharmacological treatments for neurological disorders such as general anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, muscle spasms, and seizures.”
Add Some Ashwagandha To Your Life
Ashwagandha is a powerful and multi-faceted herb. It has proven health benefits and may help you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. Best of all, it has no harmful side effects. Click here to see our clean label supplements that contain ashwagandha.
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