Chlorophytum borivilianum, called Safed Musli in India, is a member of the lily family.  It features long, thin, pointed leaves and is native to the wet, sub-tropical forests of southern India and the foothills of the Himalaya. Because of its leaves' shape, it is also known as the "Indian Spider Plant."  Although its leaves are sometimes eaten as vegetables, Safed Musli is more widely known as a medicine. It is a slow-growing plant and until recently was not cultivated. Because of increased demand for medicinal and dietary supplement use, it is now commercially grown on a small scale.

Safed Musli Health Benefits

Ayurvedic doctors have long used Safed Musli for patients with sexual health or performance issues. The root extract is used as an aphrodisiac and for elevating the libido of both men and women.  Studies have shown that it is effective at increasing both semen volume and sperm count and motility.  Its pro-erection capability is considered so significant that it is commonly known as "Indian Viagra." Aside from sexual health, it has many other traditional uses. These include the treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol, joint pain, and boosting general immunity.

Like all medicinal plants, Chlorophytum possesses a wide variety of healthful chemical constituents. Carbohydrates, protein, and fiber makeup over half of its starchy roots. The rest is comprised of vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, saponins, and other materials. Of primary interest to medical researchers are the saponins.
safed musli health benefits - dendera naturally
Saponins are a unique compound in that part is water-soluble, and part is fat-soluble. This quality gives saponins the ability to bind water-based particles to fat-based particles. That makes them effective at lowering cholesterol (a fat) and blood sugar, which is water-soluble. They also exhibit antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic activity. This, in part, explains their ability to elevate immune health.

Safed Musli health benefits
and healthful composition is what makes this plant a versatile and highly prized herb in Ayurveda. Modern clinicians are beginning to discover what traditional healers have known for millennia: Chlorophytum can provide many restorative benefits to the human reproductive and immune systems. To see our supplements containing Chlorophytum, click here.
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