Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't your products organic?

Unfortunately, organic certification does not guarantee that the product is free from contamination or even organically grown! But, it certainly increases the price. Most botanicals grow naturally without the need for pesticides or herbicides. Our raw materials are purchased from spray-free producers and rigorously tested both before extraction and after processing.

What does "Clean Label" mean?

Clean Label means that we make our products without adding anything synthetic to the active ingredients. Out of pure necessity, we add natural powdered rice hull concentrate to aid manufacturing and reduce waste. Flow agents like stearates and silica have been shown to have negative health consequences and can reduce the bioavailability of the ingredients and we don’t want them in our products or in your bodies.

Will you offer a weight loss product

Weight loss is a complex issue and often cannot be achieved by a single supplement alone. While there are some botanicals that have been shown to exhibit a “fat-burning” effect, most weight loss products do not live up to expectations. A diet of clean food, regular exercise, and avoidance of environmental toxins, coupled with supplements that aid detoxification of and reduce stress on internal organs, are far more effective. We call this concept “inner beauty”. If you keep the inside fit, the outside will follow. That having been said, if we do offer a weight loss or fat-burning product, we guarantee that it will be effective.

Why is your turmeric supplement more expensive than most others?

First, ours is a curcumin extract, not turmeric. Curcuminoids are the primary active ingredient of turmeric root. In its raw form, turmeric powder only contains 3 to 5 percent curcumin. Most curcumin extracts, including ours, are standardized at 95%. This means that you get more than 19 times the active ingredient in a curcumin extract than you do in raw turmeric. Second, there is quite a bit of synthetic curcumin extract on the market today. This results in an unnaturally low price for some products. Our supplement is 100% natural and is the product of intensive research and a proprietary process designed to optimize the curcuminoid ratio for the highest effectiveness and bioavailabilty. Bodyguard Curcumin™ is nonetheless priced well below most other premium curcumin products.

How long will it take to see the effects of these supplements?

This is a question without an easy single answer. We all have differences in body chemistry due to genetics, body composition, diet, and other factors such as environmental and body toxicity. Our supplements are designed to have a broadly beneficial effect but, as always, your individual results may vary. In general, one should start to experience the full benefit after approximately two weeks of supplementation. We recommend that any supplements, ours or others, be cycled. This means that after about two months of usage, stop taking them for about two to three weeks to allow the body to fully assimilate the substance and build or detox. The effects will carry-on during that time. After that short break, start another cycle. Alternatively, you can do a three week on, one week off cycle.

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