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Modern life is chaotic and stressful. Even if one manages to reduce stress through practices like meditation, trying to balance work, school, and family in a toxic environment can still affect the mind and body. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in our food, water, and medications cause hormone imbalances that further amplify stress.

Stress disrupts more than one’s state of mind and ability to focus. Left unaddressed, it will impact the body by weakening the immune system and leaving cells vulnerable to oxidation and free-radicals. It is at the root of many prevalent health concerns today.

The result is poor metabolism, stress-induced anxiety, rapid aging, and compromised immune health. Imbalances of stress-related hormones like cortisol also affect thyroid and endocrine function. This contrast contributes to conditions like adrenal insufficiency or even worse, adrenal fatigue.

Pharmaceuticals add to the chemical toxicity within the body without addressing the underlying causes of stress. Even synthetic vitamins fall short on the promise of providing us with better health. They often contain fillers and other artificial ingredients. Supplements in this category tend to have low bioavailability as well.

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Herbal Supplements for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Nature provides everything a person needs to manage stress and balance emotional and physical wellness. Certain herbal supplements for anxiety offer the elements necessary for immune support and emotional health. Herbs like ashwagandha help detox the body from environmental pollutants. They contain bioavailable vitamins and minerals and beneficial compounds like flavonoids too. That means the body gets the nutrients it needs in a form that is easier to use.

Ashwagandha root
is a powerful adaptogenic herb and used as a primary ingredient to treat various ailments. Herbal remedies containing substances like curcumin — the antiviral, immune-boosting compound in turmeric root — and the medicinal vine Cissus quadrangularis help regulate stress hormones and diminish their negative impact. Additionally, it relieves pain and manages hormonal imbalances during menstruation and menopause. Cissus contains high levels of vitamin C and anti-oxidant compounds like tannins and phenols, all of which become more vital as the body ages.

A doctor can provide more information on the effects of stress and poor nutrition on one’s health. In the meantime, one can have peace of mind knowing that there are natural herbal supplements that address specific health needs without adding to the problems caused by environmental toxicity. To view our herbal supplements for anxiety and stress relief, click here.

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