What Sets Us Apart

It all comes down to trust. The supplement industry today is dominated by marketing companies hawking private label products of marginal quality and effectiveness. We, on the other hand, are a supplement company from the ground up. We source our raw materials where they're grown, not from a third party wholesaler.

And our formulation and extraction are performed by our team that includes Ph.D. chemists with a combined 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development. Process matters when it comes to herbal supplements and it is a central focus of ours.

We craft our products with care and attention to detail that is not possible by our marketing company competitors.  For example, we test all of our raw ingredients to ensure authenticity.  And our formulations are based on a synthesis of ancient Ayurvedic know-how and modern clinical research, not on here today, gone tomorrow "Superfood" fads.

Many herbal supplements are made with low quality ingredients. Many are simply the pulverized herb put into a capsule. Neither of these provide provide the potency required to elevate your level of health and wellness. Dendera Naturally herbal supplements are always made from extracts, which concentrate the active ingredients to provide a therapeutic-level dose. This ensures that you get what you pay for!

With mindfulness as our watchword, we never add synthetic or inorganic materials to our products. We are as conscious of what we put into our products as you are of what you put into your bodies. Our products are and always will be clean label herbal supplements and will remain completely silicon dioxide and stearate-free.

These compounds are added for the benefit of the manufacturer not the consumer. While their absence increases production time and thus cost, we will gladly sacrifice some profit margin to offer clean and effective all-natural products to you our loyal customers.

Because we know you put your trust in us, we're very proud to offer you what we consider to be the best herbal supplements on the market today.